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大規模マンションの角部屋  埼玉県川口市


Apartment Corner Unit      Kawaguchi, Saitama

This is a renovation of the corner unit of a large-scale apartment building near a river.  It was aimed to maximize the environmental potential where it is sunny in winter and the wind flows through the river in summer.  The owner who bought this unit is a young working couple.  They were looking for flexibility to respond to the life of today's uncertain society, such as future changes in family structure and gatherings with large numbers of people.  It is difficult to find a big difference in the unit plans of large-scale apartments.  It is the result of the effort that increases the number of rooms having a window.  Here too, despite the rich environment here, each room was dominated by a dark and drenched air.  To improve such a condition, using sliding doors, movable partitions, and movable furniture, renovations were performed so that wind and light would penetrate the entire dwelling unit.  The multipurpose room located farthest from the outside improves ventilation and lighting of each room.  The slight differences in composition create big differences in bodily sensation.


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