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角地の小さなグループホーム  東京都八王子市


Group Home on Corner Lot    Hachioji, Tokyo

This is a group home for people with intellectual disabilities located on the sunny southeast corner of a residential area.  Four female residents live here.  The project is for disabilities to live as members of the community by operating small group homes interspersed in town.  In the small low-rise building that is easy for the locals to accept, every room has multiple windows.  The number of faces that can be opened to the outside is the richness of a building on a corner. The soft, sloping roof creates a pleasant shade for residents to relax while maintaining a fresh air flow by gravity ventilation.  By combining steel beams with a general timber structure, it is a continuous space with low cost and high barrier-free performance.  The large window facing the front alley shows the strong desire of the operator to be an open facility in the area.



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