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緑道沿いの住宅  東京都品川区


House along Green Road    Shinagawa, Tokyo

This is a small house along the green road.  The site is located on the corner facing a curve of the green road made over a river.  A slice of the green road that cannot curve around the corner flows through the inside of the house.  The remaining part of the triangle site with the required parking space is the outline of this house.  From the opening provided by cutting off the two corners, one can look far along the green road.  The large window facing the green road sometimes provides the atmosphere of the city and is for enjoying the cherry blossoms in spring.  In one spacious room for drawing in the comfort of the green road as it is, there are furniture designed to be low in height depending on the physique of the resident.  It is supported by the outer shell which integrated the outer peripheral timber structural elements.



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