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ペンシルビルのペントハウス  東京都渋谷区

Pencil Building Penthouse     Shibuya, Tokyo
This is a renovation of the top floor unit of an old apartment housing located in the center of Tokyo.  By taking advantage of the small size of the penthouse of the building, it creates a consecutive single space having many windows.  This renovation is intended to enjoy the urban life by understanding the situation of the old apartment as the context equivalent to the urban environment.  Since the old penthouse was too hot and too cold, after removing the existing interior, insulation was applied to the ceiling, the wall, and the floor.  All the partitions in each room are sliding doors.  Once the sliding door is pulled into the door closet, fresh air flows through the whole.  The spaces under the beams were used as the storage.  Other dead spaces are used as air conditioner spaces and duct spaces.  The space under the floor works as an air conditioning chamber.


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